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Issue 09 |August, 2015

Today's Topic

App Central: Unleash unlimited potential

Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or even digital home entertainment, App Central has got you covered. With over 90 unique Apps, App Central provides you with the boundless variety of applications that you require to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs.


ASUSTOR Officially Launches Surveillance Center 2.3

More detailed permissions management with role-based access control, more automation for a larger variety of tasks, simplified and intuitive on-screen controls, and newly added compatibility for even more camera brands, providing even more options and flexibility for creating the ideal surveillance solution. For more information about Surveillance Center 2.3, please visit:

Award & Review

ASUSTOR AS5004T review by OCstation, Thailand
AS5102T receives overall rating of 9/10 from CRDinfo review, Poland
AS5004T receives 4.5 out of 5 stars and is praised as an "APC Hot Product" out of 10 NASes, Australia
AS5004T receives "Gold Cowcot" Award from CowcotLand, France
ASUSTOR AS5002T - NAS and Media Player
AS5002T receives "CHIP very good" review: A strong NAS for home and office. Ranked #2 out of 38 2-bay NASes behind the #1 ranked AS5102T.
AS5004T gets "Great Product" Award from Tweak evalution


  • CrashPlan 1.0 is now available on App Central
  • The updated version ( of ASUSTOR Control Center for Windows is now available on Download Center
  • DVBLink 5.5.0 updated version is available on App Central
  • qBittorrent v3.2.1 can be updated from App Central now
  • Avast Anti-Virus 1.0.0.r150 is now available on App Central
  • ASUSTOR College

    NAS 103 Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Learn how to use Wake-on-LAN with your ASUSTOR NAS.
    NAS 208 WebDAV: A Secure File Sharing Alternative to FTP Learn to connect to your NAS via WebDAV using a variety of different methods.


    Enjoy Music From Spotify on Your ASUSTOR NAS

    Learn how to play music from Spotify on your ASUSTOR NAS

    Channel Event

  • Intel Channel Symposium 2015, Philipine, 201506
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