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Issue 08 |Jul, 2015

Today's Topic

Unmatched ASUSTOR Performance Ranked No.1 in Both American and European Reviews

ASUSTOR NAS is an all-out winner in performance testing, acheiving a #1 ranking in performance tests by SmallNetBuilder (US) for both 2-bay and 4-bay NASes among devices from all NAS brands. ASUSTOR NAS also takes the #1 and #2 spot among all 2-bay NASes in rankings by CHIP (Germany).

Award & Review

AS5002T receives "CHIP very good" review: A strong NAS for home and office. Ranked #2 out of 38 2-bay NASes behind the #1 ranked AS5102T.
AS5004T gets "Great Product" Award from Tweak evalution
AS5002T receives Editor's Choice from ByTheWay, Greece
AS5104T receives highest score of 5 stars from NextHardware, Italy
AS5002T gets Gold Medal Award from Profesional Review, Spain
AS5102T receives Recommendation from Techpowerup, US
AS-302T receives highest award from Manu Reviews, Spain
AS5102T obtains Performance Award from Madshrimps, Belgium
AS5104T gets Silver Award from ElektronikTest, Denmark


  • Dropbox 1.0.1.r106 is now available on App Central
  • Mail server 1.0.0.r100 is now available on App Central
  • AiMusic 1.0.12 for Android is now available on Google Play
  • iTunes server 1.2.0.r205 is now available on App Central
  • RALUS 14.2.1180.r53 is now available on App Central
  • Syslog server 1.0.0.r62 (beta) is now available on App Central
  • Photo Gallery 1.0.0.r368 is available on App Central now!!
  • ASUSTOR College

    NAS 102 Introduction to File Transfer Protocols An overview of the file transfer protocols supported by ASUSTOR NAS.
    NAS 206 Using NAS with Windows Active Directory Learn how to connect your NAS to a Windows Active Directory domain.


    ASUSTOR - Presenting MyArchive (Multilingual Subtitles)

    Check out how "MyArchive" works!

    The MyArchive function allows you to use hard disks as removable storage archives. Plug in an archive when you need it and swap it out for a different archive when you don't. Enjoy "plug and play" convenience as you swap between different data collections and even share terabytes of media archives with your friends.

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